I’m sitting here on vacation, and I figured, why not do a blog post? This is the time I have the time to do one, so let’s get it in. This isn’t going to be a typical post, wait, no, now that I think about it none of them are typical so far. This will be the most normal post so far!

how’s parallax?

Honestly, pretty great. It’s been busy and sales are still, somehow, continuing to go up. To the point that I would like to start thinking about bringing another part-time person on to help us manage everything. It would also help to cover vacations and things like this! I’m not going to lie though, not having those extra staff members does make it a lot easier to get projects and expansions paid for, so I’m kind of loving that. It feels good to save money, even at the expense of Alex and I having to put in extra work.

We have had some banger events going on: Yu-Gi-Oh! has consistently had tournaments every Thursday and Saturday with some fun extra stuff going on, on some Saturdays. Magic has Commander League, which is about to draw to a close, so you better go get your games in! We also have Commander Days which saw record attendance in April, thank you so much guys! But we got a Bolt Action tournament coming up on the 20th of May and an Infinity game day coming up to show off some of the cool stuff we can do at the shop. I love new and different things, it’s all so exciting… and expensive.

Take personal time

Now is the time where I take a chair and spin it around backwards and talk to you like it’s an after school special. I think everyone needs to take time away from work and sometimes even away from your hobbies. It’s very important to be able to just take a few days and be a living lump of flesh. Even if you can’t afford to fly or drive some place special, take the time away from work. Stay at home and play video games, come to the shop and play cards, go one town over and spend the night and see something different. It doesn’t take much and its all part of a big process to help your mental health.

But Justin…

Aren’t you doing a blog post on your vacation right now? That isn’t getting away from work…

You’re correct and to that I say: Shut up! You don’t know me! No, but really, I find doing this sort of thing very cathartic so it works out well as something I can do to de-stress while I’m on vacation de-stressing.

Do those little things to help your mental health. Stretch, eat right, exercise, take time away from work, engage in your hobbies. I know it sounds like self-help mumbo jumbo but actually doing them every day does help. I know, trust me, how hard it is just even start to get a new habit built every day when you have depression and anxiety. You can do it; I believe in you.

Oh, other parallax stuff

We have modified hours from May 9th to May 31st. We’re still closed on Sunday and Monday. Tuesday through Friday our hours are: 3PM to 9PM. On Saturdays it’s: 12PM to 8PM.

Also, we have a “notice board” of sorts on the website! That is to put relevant information up on as it’s needed. For example, we have the modified hours and the reminder about the special order/pre-order policy. I will be putting up stuff there from time to time so check it out!

Always check out Facebook.com/ParallaxGames for up to the minute updates though. We’ll get a ticker going on the website for that kind of stuff eventually once I figure out how to do it without taking an hour per post or having to rely on a third-party social media website.


okay bye

I’m going to go sit outside and drink whiskey, don’t message me, I won’t message you. Love you byyyyeeee~~~ -Justin


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