THis is a list of some immediate changes and reminders

I will try to keep this list up to date the best I can as the year goes on but the best place to get up-to-date news from us is actually our Facebook page at

This not a comprehensive list of changes/Rules/Reminders

If something is super important we’ll post it on our Facebook page or put up memos in other places but if I remember I will try to come back here and add it. 


new store hours

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday: 1PM-9PM. Thursday: 1PM-11PM. Saturday: 11AM-9PM. Sunday, Monday: Closed


Mtg standard tournament fees are now $7

Wizard’s prices keep going up and that means we have to change some prices around tournament fees. Pre-Release prices are up to $30, drafts depend on packs, everthing else is going to be case-by-case. YGO is staying the same. 


Special orders and pre-orders

Picking up special orders and pre-orders is your responsibility. We are only holding them for three weeks now. If they aren’t picked up then they go onto the shelves for sale to the general public. We will not be calling people for special order stuff because we would be on the phone all day every day. You can call us any time to check and see if its in. You can message our Facebook page. You can message me on Discord. Trust me, I’m not hard to find and you all message me for too much already anyways, you can do this one too.


a quick reminder on how special orders and pre-orders work

Typically pre-orders are easy. The item is not out yet and if you pre-order we will order the correct amount and hold yours for you when it comes in and you can pick it up on release day. Sometimes items are subject to allocation. That means we are only allowed to get a certain amount. If we get more pre-orders than we are allocated items we go on a first come, first serve basis based on who pre-ordered first. If people who have pre-orders that are subject to allocation and they don’t pick them up within 2 weeks, they go to the next person down on the list outside of the allocated numbers. If we have excessive pre-orders for allocated items we will continue to try and order that product to fulfill the pre-orders until they are all met. Sometimes that is not possible. Special orders will be made for people but many items are often out of stock. We will continue to check on the availability of that item until it is in stock and then we will order it. For example if you want a specific Codex for a Warhammer army, I will attempt to order it with our next GW order. If it is out of stock, I will attempt to order it the following order, if it is out of stock then, I will attempt to order it the following order, and so on and so forth. I will continue to order that item until it comes in stock. That could be weeks or months. If you do not want me to continue to order an item for you, please tell me. In those rare cases I will attempt to update you the best I can with any information I have on the situation. This is what happened when the last Grand Tournament book came out and if you want to ensure you get a copy you need to pre-order with us during its pre-order window. 


you may be asked to pay for a special order ahead of its arrival

We usually don’t do this because it’s kind of a pain in the ass. That being said, however, many special order items we order in for people and then they never show up to pick them up. That is product we have to pay for and then sit on. In many case it is products that we would never actually carry otherwise because it is something we don’t believe would sell to our regular customers. Unfortunately with the way people have, frankly, abused the special order system some people may be asked to pay up front for a special order item. It has nothing to do with what kind of person it is, only the type of product is it. If you want a Chaos Knight you probably won’t get charged up front for it because that is something I can easily put in the Warhammer section and sell. If you want a Lord of the Rings model, however, that is something that is a lot more niche and you may have to pay up front for it. 


Card trade-ins

We currently only take in Magic: The Gathering cards. We typically are only looking for cards that are $1 and above using TCGplayer Market Price. We give around 60% of the value in store credit. The number changes based on card condition, likelyhood of being able to sell it in-store, how many we already have in stock, and other factors. 

We do not take trades on Saturdays.

Please note, if you have more than like ten-ish cards you may be asked to give us your name and phone number and we put your trade into a queue to be handled in the order it was received. We typically ask for a cell phone number so we can text you with the outcome of your trade. Usually we will make you a store account and place the trade value on it.


if you are sick

Do not come into the store, period. Yes it is a social place but that puts more people at risk when you’re hanging out and spreading germs around. If you are noticably sick, you will be told to leave. Quick stops to pick up sleeves to work on while you’re sick, totally fine. Wear a mask.


Card binders & Bulk rares

All rare cards less than a dollar on TCGplayer are charged at a dollar. This is because there are fees associated with storing, housing, sorting, and taxing them.

Card binders are unavailable one half hour before close. Anyone looking at the binders during this time will be advised that they will be “cut-off” when they are done with their current binder.

My time and your time are valuable. Perusing the binders can be fun but please keep in mind we have many other customers and many other duties and keep your time surfing them productive. 


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