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This will be a place that we will post relevant updates and issues going on at Parallax. Please check our calendar for full schedules or drop us a line on the Contact form. Thanks!


November 23rd and 24th

Parallax Games


On Thanksgiving, Thursday November 23rd and also on Friday November 24th, we’ll be closed. Stay safe, have fun, eat, drink, and be merry. Also this is the holiday with the most domestic fires. If you have never deep fried a turkey before make sure you watch a few YouTube videos on how to do it so you don’t engulf yourself in flames. That is probably bad for you, I dunno, I’m not a doctor.


September 9th, 3:30PM, Recurring

Parallax Games

commander league

Starting on Saturday, September 9th, 2023 at 3:30PM the Fall Season of Commander League will begin! It’s always on Saturdays and it always starts at 3:30PM. We have some fun themes this season but, as always, they are optional. You are welcome to just show up and play. Sometimes the theme week players and non-theme players will be separated. Entry will be $7 and you always get a pack. In casual pods a random person will get an extra pack and in competitive pods the winner will get the extra pack. There will be more prizes when the season concludes for many other players. The schedule is as follows:

Week 1, September 9th – No Theme
Week 2, September 16th – Precons –  You must play with the decklist of a MTG Preconstructed Commander deck
Week 3, September 23rd – No Theme
Week 4, September 30th – Triple Threat – Rulebreaker – You can play three partner commanders if none are more than one color
Week 5, October 7th – No Theme
Week 6, October 13th – OFF WEEK
Week 7, October 21st – Commanders in Disguise – Commander is: Robot, Construct, Golem, Thopter, or Vehicle
Week 8, October 28th – OFF WEEK
Week 9, November 4th – Chonker – Commander has a 7+ mana value
Week 10, November 11th – OFF WEEK
Week 11, November 18th – No Theme
Week 12, November 23th – Conspiracy – Rulebreaker – Play a single Conspiracy card in the Command Zone (banned: Secret Summoning, Sovereign’s Realm, Summoner’s Bond, and Worldknit)
Week 13, December 2nd – No Theme
Week 14, December 9th – Lost Partner – Single Commander with Partner or Choose a Background, or a commander that melds
Week 15, December 16th – No Theme

For full list of rules changes please speak with a Parallax Employee or a Commander League Committee Member or get access to the Discord. Thanks!



Parallax Games

event requests

From now on if you want to request an event for Parallax Games to host you will need to fill out the following form: Please ensure that you’re asking at least 30 days in advance. If you have questions about anything on the form please send us a message over Facebook in the Contact form on the Contact Us Page. Please fill out all the information as accurately and descriptively as possible, thanks!




Pre-Orders & Special orders

Pre-orders and special orders are held for two weeks from their release date or received date. If they are not picked up by then, they are put on the shelf for general sale. Some special order and pre-order items may require up-front payment, determined by staff at the time of order1