What’s going on at parallax?!

New events, old events, tournaments, and more. Also, hopefully the stupid formatting on these posts works properly! I can do them the exact way for years and then one month it gets weird for no reason. I dunno, if you’re a web developer let me know. I can’t pay you or anything. 

get your pokedex ready cause we’re heading to the shadowverse

Starting the first wednesday of next month (That’s October 6th) we’re going to be holding Pokemon AND Shadowverse Evolve tournaments. We will have these every Wednesday for as long as there is interest. Format for Pokemon will be Standard. Entry for both both events is going to be $5. It will be a pack per win and even if you go 0-3 you will still get a pack. Pokemon starts at 6PM and Shadowverse starts at 6:30PM. Both are three rounds but their round timings and best-ofs are a little different. If we don’t have enough packs for prizes we will just be holding casual tournaments where you don’t pay to get in, you just play for funsies. We won’t always be able to announce this ahead of time so ask when you get in for registration. The Monthly Shop Tournament with promos and whatnot, for Shadowverse, will be held on the last Wednesday of every month. It is limited, by the Shadowverse people, to 12 people per event. We’ll be registrating people on a first come, first serve basis.

We’re gonna have modified hours at the end of September

From September 21st through October 5th we’ll be modified hours.

Sunday/Monday: Closed

Tuesday – Friday: 3PM-9PM
Saturday: 12PM-8PM

but whaddabot muh card gamez

Most events won’t be affected, so don’t worry about it. You’ll get it figured out, I believe in you. For the YGO crowd that goes a little after 9PM on Thursdays, that’s fine, just don’t be dawdling too bad. 

but why male models?

Are you serious? I just told you that a moment ago…

stay updated

I have been extremely diligent in updating our calendar here on the website (https://parallaxgames.org/calendar/) as well as keeping the notices page updated with the most pertinent of information (https://parallaxgames.org/notices/) and now you may have noticed a fancy new Event Request page (https://parallaxgames.org/event-request/). So if you want to hold an event you need to fill out an event request form, no ifs, ands, or buts about it. The instructions on there are pretty clear, so just give it a once over before you fill it out. If you have any questions about stuff you can always contact us by using that Contact Us tab at the top (https://parallaxgames.org/contact-us/)


Thats all i know

Everything at the shop is going pretty great so I don’t have anything to bitch and moan about this time. I mean I could, no one reads this. I could insult a person down here and they would never know. But I have way more class than that, I don’t actually, but I don’t even really have anyone specific to bitch about. So keep being awesome y’all!



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