I dunno if anyone is reading this but for whatever reason I feel obligated to do one of these. I would like to do them more, so if you actually read them please come to the store and say, “Justin, I do read your blog sometimes!” I’ll give you a free, crisp, high-five.

What’s goin on?

We’re still humming along as we should be, events are going well. We’ve changed FNM so that its all Modern, last Friday of the month is Legacy. Only time that changes is when its a special event like a Pre-Release. Pay attention to our Calendar, Facebook, and Instagram as we always have up-to-date info on events there!


Other events

We may end up looking at moving some other events around, depending on what the community is asking for. I’m really hoping to get some feedback from people about what nights work for them and what doesnt. Specifcally, we’re hoping to find a night, once a month for a Flesh & Blood, and possibly Pokemon. Let me know if you have some input!


Pre-release for Outlaws of Thunder Junction is at 7PM on April 12th, entry will be $35. On May 4th at 1PM we’re having a YGO Win-A-Box. Top 8 splits a box of Rarity Collection, winner gets their own box! Entry is $20.

What am I doing, you ask?

Mostly playing Helldivers 2 cause its so good. Find me on the Discord and I would play with you. Oh yeah, we have a Discord, you can find it on the Contact Us page! I am kinda trash at the game so don’t judge me. I am also way in on ABC Warriors cause I love me some Judge Dredd robots that can cast magic. 


Hidden way below the fold. If you made it here you are exactly the type of person I want to read this. I’ll let you figure out why. I am so sick and tired of drama. If you don’t like the way I’m doing something, you need to come talk to me. Just because I don’t do it the way you like doesn’t mean its the wrong way. I am here to be utilitarian to my customer base. You cannot please every single person all of the time. If you’re not allowed at Parallax, move on. Believe it or not, there is still plenty of things to do in these hobbies well outside of my store. If you don’t like my rules, don’t play here. It’s that simple. We don’t owe each other anything. This is still a private business that is a privilege to come to, not a right. I am always open to having a dialog with people who have concerns, questions, suggestions. You also have to realize that I might tell you why its not a good idea or not feasible for us to do. When we get good suggestions we do the best we can to accomodate people. I am just going to go on the assumption that if its not important enough to bring up to me, it’s probably not that important in the grand scheme of things. When I often hear from people its situations out of my control. I just get the flak because its my store. If I have to explain that to you in person, so be it. I am not, however, going to keep explaining it to you multiple times in hopes that I’m going to change my answer. One of the best leaders I had the pleasure of serving under always told me, “If you bring a problem, I expect you to bring me a solution as well.” 


Thank you though! 😀

I am a little exhausted by some of that but I am always feeling positive and optimistic. Events are going well, product releases are looking great, 99.8% of the people who shop here and hang out here are just cool AF people who keep it real. So I just want to give a shout out to our awesome community of customers. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. -Justin


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