I don’t have anything important to say!

I just wanted to do a blog post because it seems like the thing to do. Anyways, here’s a short update on what’s going on at Parallax and what is coming up. Pioneer is back baby!


It’s kinda business as usual here. But we do have a lot going on, so here is a short list of what’s happening and what’s coming up.

Commander Days has kicked off and people like it because its on their time and more casual. If you’re interested we have flyers in another post and all over Facebook. Or stop in and ask me! Remember, Commander Days is ALWAYS happening!

Commander League is ends at the end of the month but you should still show up and play in it because the best themes are coming. We have Gods and Titans this weekend, off next week, then Rulebreaker the following week.

We have two Yu-Gi-Oh Tournaments this month and if you play, you should come down and get in. They are on April 16th and 30th at Noon. 

Streets of New Capenna Pre-release is at 7PM on April 22. Then on the 23rd at Noon and Two-Headed Giant at 6PM.

That’s about it for April, I’ll probably do another post eventually. Thank you all who read this and support us! 


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