MSRP? Never heard of it

That is a screenshot of the email they sent to me. I’ll explain what this means for Parallax and its customers after the fold.



Price Increases

Wizards has actually been increasing the prices of its product over the past four years I’ve been in the business already. When I started here, about 4 years ago, draft booster boxes were between $69 and $72. Now they’re between $79 and $82. We did not increase prices that entire time. We always kept our price on them at $4, sales tax included. Unfortunately this will mean that we will finally have to increase our prices.


The economy

The entire economy is like this, sadly. Without getting too far into economics and politiics, which I wish I was ignorate on, this is probably not news to anyone. All of our products have actually been going up in price since I started here. It’s usually by a couple of cents almost every time we re-order it. Games Workshop usually makes a public announcement when they do price increases. Arcane Tinmen, who make Dragon Shield card sleeves, recently did a price hike on all of their sleeves by a dollar. I would not be surprised to hear that every business that sells something from a manufacturer has a similar story. 


What does it mean for customers

Packs will probably go up by about a buck, and hopefully not any more. Boxes and other products will go up by some amount. WotC doesn’t do MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) so we’re left to figure out a price on our own. We do our best to stay competitive with online, but they frequently sell at pennies above our cost or even at a loss. 


I’m conflicted

On one hand there is a fair amount of corporate greed happening here and I implore people to support small businesses. Companies who post record profits during a pandemic are not affected by inflation but continue to raise prices. On the other hand, those same places do not pay people enough to make it by. Prices of everything is going up and people’s wages are not. So I understand that you need to find a good deal. That being said, if you like having a place to play and hang out, please continue to support us.


But it’s all possible thanks to you

Because literally everyone who shops here is awesome we get to continue doing what we love and hopefully you get to continue having a good time here. We’re here to take your feed back and criticisms and make positive changes. I think we’re doing pretty alright and that is because we have such a great relationship with you all. Thank you very much. 

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