Commander Days are Coming, but what does that mean for Commander League?

I think we’re going to have a great symbiotic relationship, at least that’s my goal, and here is the long form version of how I think that’ll work.

Is commander Days replacing League?


I have always tried to be very transparent with everyone about what we do at Parallax because it leads to a community that is happen and more trusting. I want to continue that trend and let you know what my exact intentions are and why I wanted to start another event. 

Ever since we were affected with Covid-19 we have seen a drop in the amount overall number of people playing at Parallax. Now sales haven’t taken a hit because of that but we definitely want to continue to grow the business and our community. To do that we need to get those players back in the store and engaged. To be very blunt, Thursday evenings used to be absolutely hopping with Commander Players and that number has dropped off. While we’ve had a small resurgence, it’s not up to pre-covid levels, let alone growing. I want butts in seats and I want those butts to be having fun. Make sure your butt is clean please.

Pic not related. Or is it? No, it’s not. I just think I’m really funny.

They seem pretty similar though…

Well… Yes. It’s pretty hard to take a specific game, with a specific format, and make a brand new event that isn’t at least somewhat similar to other events. The differences to Commander Days and Commander League is pretty obvious. Days you can show up any time and play with anyone you want. League is at a specific time/day and has matched play.

That doesn’t mean one is better than the other or anything and I’m going to point out the pros of each, as well as why it’s even better to play in both events in the next section. 

Commander League is still Parallax’s number one priority for Commander events and we plan on keeping that way. If we find that Commander Days negatively impacts the attendance of Commander League, I’m gonna give Days the axe. I

What I’m really getting at is to encourage players who don’t normally play in League or the store at all, who come in to buy, to bring their kitchen table groups in to play casually. Then we get them to play in league as well. 

More is better

Here’s what’s great about Commander League: You have a time tested and proven event format that people have loved for literal years. The committee here in town is full of awesome people who care about the game and the community and they’re dedicated to making sure its the best it can be. You also don’t ever have to worry about trying to drag your play group out of the basement, or getting everyone’s schedule to line up to try and get people into the store. You can just show up with a deck and play. It’s got a great prize structure and, overall, more prizes than Commander Days.

Here’s what’s great about Commander Days: Its on your time if you got it. Some people might only be able to play at Wednesday at 6PM. This is the event for you because you can get those people out of the house and play at the shop for some prizes. If you already play in League, however, and want more? This is more. You built a deck for the League theme, why not test it out before your League game? Maybe you do need to make that deck edit you were on the fence about.

but justin i can only play in one event

That will happen. We know that life happens and as I get older the more and more I understand it.

So what do you do in that case? My recommendation is to choose Commander League while it’s running. It is a highly polished, time-tested and proven, well oiled machine. Many of the members of our current community carve time out of their week to be there and make sure it’s the best it can be. 

I think it’s as simple as that. We are still making Commander League the number one priority amongst MTG events. 


I used the same layout from the last blog post because it was convenient

You can come talk to me in person, or send me a message on this website, or call my store, or send the store a Facebook message, or send me a Discord message, what I’m trying to say is, I’m not hard to find. If you have a question about either event don’t hesitate to ask me. I am here to help and I want our community to flourish and have a great time. 



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