Bideo gaemz

Yes, video games. 

Why do I do this? I dunno, because I’ve always wanted to and now I have a place to post them that isn’t just a void of nothingness I text to a friend and they don’t read. Now you can be the person who doesn’t read this. Congratulations!



tiny tina’s wonderlands

I put a lot of time into this, almost all co-op. While Borderlands has always been cringe, this was good cringe. It had a lot of the charm that the BL3 DLC had which is some of the best writing that series, but was all tabletop RPG flavored. The shooting is exactly what you might expect from a Borderlands game which is arcade-y, but tight. The addition of classes that can be mixed and matched was a very good choice that I hope they continue. The DLC for the game was terrible though, don’t buy any of it. 


Steam Deck

Okay, it’s not a video game, it’s a game console… kind of. Did I buy a $600 handheld console just to play Vampire Survivors on? No, my wife bought it for me, checkmate liberals. I also emulate Wild Arms 2 on it which is the greatest game of all time. I really love the fact that this is bringing more games to Linux and I hope it continues that trend to give Windows a shot in the teeth. The hardware is amazing and runs a shocking amount of stuff. If you have been on the fence about getting one, just do it, I haven’t touched my Switch since I got one. 


King arthur: Knight’s Tale

It’s basically X-Com but with knights. Also they turn the lore on its head in a great way so that you don’t know what’s going on at any given time. This game surprised me, I saw someone live stream it for about ten minutes before I decided to buy it. I didn’t play it until like 6 months after that and then immediately put twenty hours into it. It has missions that are real time then break into turn based combat when that breaks out. Each character is interesting and the morality options are done smartly. It’s pretty cheap so pick it up.


Star Citizen

Yeah that’s right, Scam Citizen. Would I recommend this game to anyone? No, probably not. I have had a blast with it and made some really cool friends. It is actually becoming a real game and this next patch is going to bring even more to the table. For people who may have seen the Forbes article talking about it, that is still correct. They did not mention all the fun, dumb shit you can do. The flight mechanics are awesome, just the act of flying those ships is superb. The shooting mechanics and FPS movement reminds me of Swat 4 and that is a big compliment. With the changes coming for persistance and, eventually, server meshing this will be a real game, pinky promise. It is not without controversy though. There are bugs, game breaking and frustrating. Sometimes stuff just doesn’t work. Sometimes things they promised will work, don’t work. Progress is incredibly slow and they miss dates on deliveries all the time. It is still the best space simulation that I can find. 


Genshin Impact

I feel like I’m going to get a lot of flack for things I put on my list this year. This game has been scratching an itch I didn’t know I have. It’s very casual but also has parts that will challenge you, if you want it. I mostly play this with my wife and we have been having a great time doing it. While it’s not perfect at story telling or anything for that matter, there is a lot to love in it. They also just added a pretty banger TCG to it. Also I don’t spend any money in it…unlike Scam Citizen. 


Monster hunter rise: Sunbreak

It’s more Monster Hunter and they did it right, how can you argue with that. 


Elden Ring

Yeah its on everyone’s list, it’s amazing. Not technically my first Souls-like but the one I put the most time into for sure. So much can be said about this game. But it’s already been said, so what I’m going to share is what I got out of it and what I liked. Ball-kun farming until I was stupidly overpowered. Tell me I played the game wrong, I don’t care, I still had fun. The ridiculously oversized weapons always make me happy even if they didn’t get buffed until I had finished the game. I want to go out like Radahn. I never beat Malenia. I love you Ball-kun. 


Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker

Literally the best stories in any Final Fantasy game. Also probably just one of the best stories in video games ever. Probably just one of the best stories in media. I am not being hyperbolic with this, it is actually amazing. The story is made better by fantastic voice acting, music, encounter design, and combat. If you have not played FFXIV yet, do it. If you’re one of those people who played the game and skipped the story, just stop, it’s not for you. While I haven’t kept up with the game post patch 6.0 I will go back to it. This game is amazing and you should play it. 


Hardspace: Shipbreaker

Hey there Cutter. I love this game, this was almost my game of the year. I put like sixty hours into this because I needed to finish it and it was worth every moment. If you’re not familiar with it, you play a first-person game where you are in space breaking down and salvaging ship hulls paying off a ridiculous corporate debt. It is a fantastic tale on corporate greed, corporate disregard for worker rights and safety, and brave employees coming together to support each other. Seriously, play this game. 


Vampire Survivors

This is my game of the year, full stop. What a perfect little gem. This might be hearsay but supposedly the developer used to program slot machines and that would make sense because this game makes the happy chemicals in my brain flow. While I am terrible at this game I cannot stop playing it, it is so easy to just pick up and start playing a level. Even if I only get out with a hundred gold before I die, I feel accomplished. So long as they don’t add a bunch of microtransactions later this will be a perfect game. 


That’s it, no more… No I played a lot more

I played a lot of games this year and didn’t list a lot of them. What a banger year. I hope you had a good 2022, mine was kinda rough, but nothing too bad. Games get us through some rough times and I hope that 2023 looks a little brighter. 

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