Starts September 9, 2023 then every Saturday until December 16, 2023
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Commander League is back baby! It starts on Saturday September 9th and runs all the way through December 16th. Full schedule down below. Entry is $7 and you always get a pack. In casual pods one random player will get an extra pack. In competitive pods the winner will receive the extra pack. There will be more prizes at the end of the league for many more than just top 10. It’s always on Saturdays and its always at 3:30PM. Some important things to note is that “fast mana” is banned in casual pods with the exception of Sol Ring. Competitive pods may use any number of proxies so that they are legible, of decent quality and contain the correct rules/oracle text. Proxies may not be used in casual pods. The points system for casual remains, mostly, the same. In competitive we have tweaked the points so that people who only play in competitive pods will have a much greater chance at placing higher for the final prizes. If you would like a full list of the changes please get ahold of a Parallax employee or a Commander League Committee member. We got a bunch of fun themes planned this league and, as always, they are optional. Feel free to still just show up and play. In some cases the theme and non-theme players will need to be separated for when the themed players would have an unfair advantage. Here is the full schedule:

Week 1, September 9th – No Theme
Week 2, September 16th – Precons –  You must play with the decklist of a MTG Preconstructed Commander deck
Week 3, September 23rd – No Theme
Week 4, September 30th – Triple Threat – Rulebreaker – You can play three partner commanders if none are more than one color
Week 5, October 7th – No Theme
Week 6, October 13th – OFF WEEK
Week 7, October 21st – Commanders in Disguise – Commander is: Robot, Construct, Golem, Thopter, or Vehicle
Week 8, October 28th – OFF WEEK
Week 9, November 4th – Chonker – Commander has a 7+ mana value
Week 10, November 11th – OFF WEEK
Week 11, November 18th – No Theme
Week 12, November 23th – Conspiracy – Rulebreaker – Play a single Conspiracy card in the Command Zone (banned: Secret Summoning, Sovereign’s Realm, Summoner’s Bond, and Worldknit)
Week 13, December 2nd – No Theme
Week 14, December 9th – Lost Partner – Single Commander with Partner or Choose a Background, or a commander that melds
Week 15, December 16th – No Theme

And as always if you have questions you can stop in, message us on Facebook, or hit that Contact Us button at the top.